Dental Myths

Dental Myths

We frequently see patients who have misconceptions about dental health and care, so we thought we would address a few of the myths we hear most often. 

MYTH:  Placing an aspirin on your gums will help with a toothache.
FACT:  Aspirin will only burn your gums when placed in the mouth. Aspirin should only be swallowed, as directed, for pain relief.

MYTH: The harder I brush my teeth, the cleaner they become.
FACT: Brushing your teeth too hard can do more harm than good.

MYTH: Having a baby removes calcium from the mother’s teeth.
FACT: Babies do require calcium while in the womb. If a mother does not receive enough calcium in her diet, calcium may be removed from the mother’s bones but not her teeth.

MYTH:  Dry mouth is just part of getting older and has no effect on my teeth.
FACT:  Dry mouth actually makes you more susceptible to dental cavities.

MYTH:  I can eat whatever I want with dentures.
FACT:  Many people have to change to softer diets after getting dentures.

MYTH:  You should wait until a toothache is unbearable before seeing a dentist.
FACT:  The longer you wait, the worse your toothache may get.

MYTH:  If my gums are bleeding, I shouldn’t floss or brush.
FACT:  Regular flossing and brushing prevents gum bleeding by removing plaque build-up.

Always talk with your dentist about your dental concerns, and be sure you’re getting regular teeth cleanings and check-ups. If you don’t have a dentist you see regularly or would like more information, contact Marshall Dentistry & Oral Surgery at 304-691-1247.


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