Simple steps to save you time at the pharmacy

Simple steps to save you time at the pharmacy

With the new year approaching and changes to pharmacy plans coming, there are some things you can do to minimize wait time at the Marshall Pharmacy:

  • Order refills at least 24 hours in advance. This allows time for staff to ensure there is sufficient quantity of drugs to fill your prescription. Good advice is—“when you’re down to four, it’s time to order more.
  • Sign the family up for notifications. Our pharmacies can send notifications when your prescription is filled and ready, saving you unneeded trips or phone calls to the pharmacy. A link is sent, along with the text, to view the list of prescriptions that are ready for pick up.
  • Download our smartphone app. The Marshall Pharmacy smartphone app (listed as “Marshall Pharmacy” in the iPhone App Store and “Marshall Pharmacy app” on Android devices) can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android. One login can manage multiple family members. Be sure to select your preferred pharmacy location when registering.
  • Access the Marshall Pharmacy website. In addition to allowing you to order refills 24/7, also allows you to view your available prescriptions.
  • Have your prescriptions delivered. Marshall Pharmacy offers free home delivery. Register at the pharmacy the first time, and our staff can show you how to select delivery for future refills.

The first of the year is always busier as many patients’ health plans change. Using these tools, along with ordering refills several days earlier than you normally would will help save you time.

Thank you for choosing Marshall Pharmacy.


Jeffrey Fenerty, R.Ph.

Jeff is the director of pharmacy services for Marshall Health. He has 25 years of experience as a pharmacist and pharmacy manager.