Preventing and correcting teeth staining and erosion

Preventing and correcting teeth staining and erosion

What’s happening to our teeth when we drink that glass of coffee, wine or tea? Although we enjoy them, these beverages and many more are the cause of extrinsic stain on our teeth.

Extrinsic means the stain affects the outer layer of our teeth and can be corrected with at-home or in-office whitening systems. You can mitigate the staining power of these beverages by brushing soon after consuming drinks that stain and drinking with a straw.

Chewing sugar-free gum can help make your mouth less friendly to stains and also reduce cavities.

Carbonated and sugary beverages can damage our teeth through another mechanism called erosion. This literally wears away the outside layer of our teeth, making them sensitive and vulnerable to cavities. You can lessen these effects by drinking beverages that are sugar-free and avoiding repeatedly drinking in short intervals throughout the day, lessening your teeth’s exposure.

With these tips, not only can we prevent future staining and damage to our teeth, but also undo cumulative effects from the past.

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Travis Wagner, DDS

Dr. Wagner is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and a resident dentist at Marshall Dentistry & Oral Surgery.