Introducing the Serucell KFS® Serum


For those of you with questions about our newest product, the KFS® Serucell Serum, I have answers!

What is the Serucell KFS® Serum?

KFS® stands for Keratinocytes and Fibrolasts Serum. It’s the first and only microserum of its kind, and it provides a powerful protein fusion that inspires deep rejuvenation, from foundation to surface.1 The Serucell product is manufactured right here in Huntington, West Virginia, and we are proud to be supporting a local business.

The serum absorbs quickly and is very hydrating and light weight. It contains vitamin A to smooth and restore; vitamin C to brighten; vitamin E for defense against environmental stress; hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture; and keratinocytes and fibrolasts, which I will go over in more detail a little later.

How does it work?

The layers of your skin each have different functions; however, their cells must work together to produce the proteins and compounds that are necessary to keep the skin healthy.

The two layers of your skin that matter most are:

  • The outer layer, known as the epidermis or stratum corneum. This layer serves as the primary barrier between the body and the environment and is made of keratinocyte cells.
  • The lower layer, known as the dermis. This layer is made of fibroblasts and is where collagen and elastin are formed. These proteins work together to tighten and keep our skin healthy while also preventing it from sagging.

This product treats skin under the surface in the dermis where many products never reach because its key skin nutrients are small enough to reach the lower layers. Our bodies have so many cells that communicate with each other, and they are producing collagen, peptides, proteins and growth factors to maintain healthy skin. As we age, this process slows down, which is why we need to be active in caring for our skin. By using this product and other treatments we offer here in the office – like microneedling, laser peels and chemical peels – we are rebuilding the skin and preventing future damage from occurring.

My Experience So Far

My first thoughts when trying this was that a little goes a long way! This product should last about six weeks for most patients who are applying two pumps to their face day and night. When using the serum, make sure your skin is clean before applying. It is also recommended that you exfoliate once a week and wear sunscreen every day.

In just under a week of using the serum, I am noticing my hormonal acne and some superficial scarring I recently experienced are both clearing. My superficial scarring is a result of cystic acne I developed when I deviated from my diet. (This is why I encourage my acne patients to change their diets to less processed foods.) Although I did not pick or squeeze the acne, I unfortunately developed pigmentation where the breakouts were. I would normally need to use a tretinoin cream to clear up the superficial scarring. However, I have very sensitive skin, and tretinoin can be very harsh and irritating. I am thrilled to have another option available that is more soothing to my skin and am excited to see my results in the coming weeks.

I have been impressed by the fact that I am already noticing a change in my skin, and this product is already a huge hit in our office. (We sold out within 3 days!) We look forward to providing quicker results for our patients.


For questions about this product or to order, call 304-691-8910.

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Trish McCarty

Trish is a licensed aesthetician with Marshall Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.