Skin Care Products: Introducing Avene and Glytone

Skin Care Products: Introducing Avene and Glytone

I am excited to announce that we are now offering skin care products from Avene and Glytone. I was first introduced to these brands at my previous role at a well-established dermatology office in Hilliard, Ohio. I quickly fell in love. My skin is very sensitive, and the Avene line of products worked very well for me. I also saw great benefits from the Glytone products while seeing patients at this office.

As a self-proclaimed “skin care nerd,” I try many products despite my sensitive skin. I can sympathize with my patients who have trouble finding a product that does not irritate their skin, yet delivers results. Avene remains my go to product for myself. I oftentimes recommend this line when I meet patients who have rosacea. Patients who have rosacea have to be very cautious with products because they have very reactive skin. I am always confident that they will love Avene because of how soothing it is to skin.

While I love retinols – especially Tretinoin – since they do a wonderful job reducing fine lines and wrinkles–I realize that not every patient can tolerate them very well. Some of my patients’ skin threshold cannot handle Tretinoin, so for those patients I recommend either the Obagi retinol cream, which is a much lower strength than Tretinoin or the Avene RetrinAL 0.1 Intensive Cream.

I am a big fan of taking care of your skin at home to ensure that you get the best results. I can do a lot with facials, lasers, microneedling and chemical peels for my patients, but unless they continue to use high quality products at home, their results will be temporary. For those who love masks, I am happy to be able to now offer them ones that give excellent results, whether they are trying to fight acne or reduce the look of aging. I have tested out these masks not only on my own skin, but I have been using them for years on my patients. Now you can have a mini spa day at home!

Below I have a full list with descriptions of our newest product additions.


Soothing Moisture Mask: Deep hydrating mask provides intensive soothing care to dehydrated, over-stressed skin.

RetrinAL 0.1 Intensive Cream: Powerful anti-oxidant protects the skin from free radicals, Skin appears fuller, firmer and improves skin tone. Retinaldehyde, clinically shown to be more effective than Retinol, smoothes away the appearance of wrinkles and brightens the skin.

Skin Recovery Cream: Formulated with minimal ingredients for maximum tolerance. Helps reduce redness and irritation, and protects the skins barrier. 100% sterile and safe.

TriAcnéal DAY Mattifying Lotion: A lightweight, mattifying moisturizer helps minimize excess oil while ensuring proper hydration all day long. The matte finish allows for an ideal make-up base.

TriAcnéal NIGHT Smoothing Lotion: Intensive clarifying skin care for acne-prone skin that reduces the appearance of imperfections and acne scars while restoring radiant, youthful complexion.

Avène Thermal Spring Water: A naturally soothing source for sensitive skin since 1743, Avène Thermal Spring Water’s unique composition is clinically shown by over 150 studies to calm, soothe and soften the skin. Ideal for red, sensitive or irritated skin and perfect for post-workout, travel, outdoor activities or to freshen up makeup.

Soothing sheet mask: Biodegradable, easy-to-use cellulose mask optimally delivers revitalizing and calming ingredients to skin for supreme comfort, while providing a cooling effect. Skin is immediately soothed, comforted and radiant.


Rejuvenating Mask: This rejuvenating mask does it all! Packed with skin-enhancing ingredients like collagen, glycolic acid and vitamin C to hydrate, plump, brighten and revitalize in just 10 minutes. The perfect boost to any at-home regimen.

Acne Treatment Mask:  A potent, 6.4% sulfur treatment with fast-acting results. In 20 minutes, this specially formulated mask soothes inflammation as it deeply penetrates pores, working to fight existing stubborn breakouts and prevent new acne from forming.

Mild Gel Cleanser: A lightweight cleanser that gently exfoliates, removes surface debris and moisturizes the skin to reveal a smooth, healthy complexion. For normal to oily skin to visibly reduce skin aging effects, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin appearance in tone and texture and photodamaged skin.

KP Kit: features the basics to reduce rough, uneven skin associated with keratosis pilaris. Formulated with glycolic acid, it helps exfoliate dead skin cells for smoother, softer skin. Kit includes: Exfoliating body wash (6.7 fl. oz.), body lotion (8.4 fl. oz.) and exfoliating pouf.


I’m always happy to offer consultations to patients about which products would work best for their skin type. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Marshall Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at 304-691-8910.


Trish McCarty

Trish is a licensed aesthetician with Marshall Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.