DIY Exfoliating Kits for Your Face

DIY Exfoliating Kits for Your Face

DIY exfoliating kits

For those of you who caught my last blog, you’ll remember that exfoliating 2-3 times a week is an important part of your at-home skin care routine. The question is: what do you do if you run out of product and are unable to buy some from the store? The good news is that our office sells some great options, and we are now offering delivery! However, to tide you over until these products arrive or if you are in the mood to DIY, here are some exfoliators you may already have in your kitchen.

Honey and Pumpkin

A natural exfoliator you may have on hand is honey. I prefer raw local organic honey. You can buy this from local farmers who keep bees, which also supports a local business. I also love using pumpkin, which you may or may not have since we’re in the spring season. Both honey and pumpkin have natural exfoliating properties and help with clogged pores since they contain natural antioxidants. Pumpkin contains B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene, which are great for anti-aging. Raw honey helps balance the bacteria on your skin, making it a great product to use for acne.

Ok, so now let’s get into how you do this. Add a small amount of warm water to dampen your skin using clean hands. To avoid waste, only take about two pea size amounts of the product you are using. Apply using a five dot method. You simply apply a small dot to your forehead, nose, cheeks and your chin. (You may need a little more honey than two pea sizes but spreading these dots out helps you avoid applying too much to a single area.) Exfoliate by spreading in gentle circular motions with your fingertips. Allow the honey or pumpkin to sit for 5 to 15 minutes, as tolerated. This doubles for an at-home mask! Wash thoroughly, and you will have softer and smoother skin!


Coffee is another exfoliator you likely have on hand, and if not, how do you survive life without it? (I am joking, but seriously how are you making it?)  In addition to being a great scrub, coffee contains caffeic acid and caffeine, which do wonders for your skin. A study done in 2013 by the Royal Society of Chemistry found that caffeic acid has powerful antioxidant activity, increases collagen production and prevents premature aging. It also has demonstrated antimicrobial activity and may be promising in the treatment of dermal diseases.  Caffeine is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce puffiness. So much so, we added it to our Marshall retinal eye cream and triple antioxidant cream – two of our top selling products. Caffeine eliminates puffiness and swelling by constricting the blood vessels just below the skin and allowing your skin to retain normal skin tone.

To use coffee as an exfoliator, dampen your skin with water using clean hands. Apply coffee in very gentle circular motions to remove dead skin cells. It acts as a great body scrub as well!

Finish with a mask

You can also make at-home masks using bentonite clay and activated charcoal, which you can find at health stores and online. To make a mask, you mix bentonite clay with activated charcoal by adding equal parts of these two ingredients with water or as directed on the instructions. Both of these detoxify your skin well. I take activated charcoal supplements already so I just break open a capsule when adding mine with bentonite clay.


Some individuals with sensitive skin may get too itchy while leaving any of these products on for too long. Pay attention to what your skin is saying. If your skin ever feels very irritated or burns, it is likely having a bad reaction unless you are told to expect this from a specific product.

If you have any skin care questions or would like to order products, call Marshall Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at 304-691-8910.


Trish McCarty

Trish is a licensed aesthetician with Marshall Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.