Meet Kasey D. Stickler, MD

Kasey Stickler, MD

Dr. Kasey Stickler is a board-certified family medicine physician with subspecialty certification in sports medicine. She completed medical school, her residency and her fellowship training through the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. She is a member of the Marshall Family Medicine Curriculum Committee and the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.

Why did you decide to pursue medicine and/or your specialty?

My sister and I grew up playing sports which ultimately resulted in injuries. One injury in particular set me on my journey to medicine, specifically sports medicine. My sister suffered a blow to her skull on an inside rise ball [in softball] resulting in a skull fracture with an associated epidural hematoma. My mom, a previous ED [emergency department] nurse, responded to the situation immediately. This likely resulted in my sister being by my side through our journey in medicine from study partners, to co-residents, to now attendings.

Did you have a female physician in your life that you are inspired by?

Hands down, it would be my sister, Dr. Morgan Stickler. Because of her previously mentioned experience, she has become one of the strongest and kindest physicians I know. I’ve been privileged to watch her journey from enthusiastic medical student to an incredible attending. We especially enjoy the evenings when she is on labor and delivery about to deliver a baby, and I’m covering a game on the sidelines.

How does it feel to be a woman in a male-dominated environment?

Honestly, in our sports medicine environment, I feel as a welcomed and valued member of the team. It truly feels like a family, and I have felt this way since my fellowship. I feel as though I bring my own unique perspective especially in regards to women’s health which the female athletes really respond to.

What advice would you give to little girls who want to be doctors one day?

Life’s full of opportunities but sometimes you have to make your own. So go out there, be your biggest advocate, and make your dreams happen!

One last thing, she adds, “GO HERD!”


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