“Why I Love Sciton Laser Technology”

"Why I Love Sciton Laser Technology"

Sciton offers the absolute best results possible on the market. You will be getting the latest laser technology available with this device.

What I love about Sciton is that we have the ability to treat multiple skin concerns in one visit. We can treat sun damage, rosacea, facial veins, redness, scars, fine lines, wrinkles, hair reduction, and even acne.

It is not uncommon for me to have a patient scheduling laser hair reduction of their upper lip, underarms, and so on while also having their sun damage treated in the same visit. 

I often have combination treatments because this is the best way to get faster results. I will have patients getting a full face BBL treatment for their unwanted reds and browns and combining that with laser peels or Halo.

Halo has been a highly requested treatment after I began sharing result photos. Halo is my go to when someone complains of texture.

Many patient will begin to notice uneven texture as they age. Halo is well known for giving patients glowing skin. That is actually why it is called Halo. It gives a “Halo glow”. Removing unwanted pigmentation allows our skin to absorb light better therefore, giving that youthful appearance.

The HALO laser from Sciton is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser. By delivering both fractional ablative and non-ablative laser wavelengths in the same pass, HALO treats the damage you can and cannot see at the same time. Patients receive both ablative and non-ablative results with non-ablative recovery times. More results with less down time!

Learn more about our laser treatments and services at https://www.marshallhealth.org/services/cosmetic-services/laser-treatments/. Call Marshall Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at 304-691-8910 to schedule a consult with Aesthetician Trish McCarty. 


Trish McCarty

Trish is a licensed aesthetician with Marshall Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

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